Schedule-2018 Summer

P: Palisades Park Center / C: Closter Center

SAT I Reading, Math, and Writing: Starting from 7/2 (Mon) [8 weeks]


  • Efficient teaching methods for all levels will be provided using material that our teachers and administration have carefully assembled and prepared since the March, 2016 New SAT Test.
  • Students determined to complete the SAT I by fall 2018 are strongly recommended to continue their studies after the completion of the Summer Program up until the test date.
  • The Essay Class offers a systematic approach to essay writing for students who struggle to construct an essay. Techniques are taught and fine-tuned by an instructor well-educated in the subject.


SAT II Subjects: Starting from 7/2 (Mon) [8 weeks]

  • The SAT II and AP subject tests are a critical factor in the acceptance of prestigious colleges. The most sensible method to start preparing for these subject tests is during summer vacation.
  • All students determined to take and complete an SAT II test in October / November 2018 are encouraged to register for the highly intensive SAT II class.
  • The SAT II courses are taught by highly reputable instructors who have consistently helped students achieve their highest potential scores.


BA Medical & Science Chemistry


  • Through his extended knowledge and lectures, Brian Kim will ensure to maintain the student’s GPA and even improve it.


BA Prep Math (4 Days) & English (2 Days) [8 weeks]


  • We strongly recommend all rising 8th graders to join the Bergen Academy class.
  • Instructor Jacob Yang has successfully helped every one of his students to receive acceptances and will continue to prepare students with unfaltering diligence and determination.
  • After the summer session, BA Prep will be separated into two different classes for specialization.
  • There is an extra hour for English on Tuesday/ Thursday’s at Pal Park and Monday/Wednesday’s at Closter.


Recommended Courses by Grade

Recommended for 12th Grade

We strongly recommend all 12th graders who didn’t finish SAT I to join our summer courses to complete it before it is too late.


Recommended for 11th Grade



Recommended for 10th Grade

  • Intro Chemistry Class prepares for the official test in December.
  • The students must register for the continuing Fall SAT II Chemistry class.


Recommended for 9th Grade

Special Package for Biology



Recommended for 7th & 8th Grade

  • Although having a high SAT score is crucial to the college application process, it is essential to remember that maintaining a good GPA is also equally, if not more important. Students are given a head start to learning new information prior to the new topic of study at school to ensure optimum grades, a high GPA, and a thorough comprehension of the material.